Noah’s Ark Was A Martian Spaceship?


Science has come along way. In the early 60s Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s wrote The Sky People, a book that suggested (among other things) that Noah’s Ark was a spaceship – “that instead of Noah being an ancient Israelite, he was a great leader on Mars and the Ark was a giant spaceship intended to carry a surviving remnant to Earth”. And he tied it in with information well-known to Ark researchers who do not have a religious agenda:

Everyone is familiar with the story, taken from the Book of Genesis. But are you aware that the story – a great, world-destroying flood from which God spared only a handful of righteous mortals and two of every kind of beast – is also an integral part of other religious traditions, such as the Sumerian, the Babylonian, and the ancient Hindus?

These days we know that Mars is a barren place, and if any aliens lived there it was a very long time ago. Still, if you find the idea intriguing, Trench’s book has been re-released, with a lot of additional material from modern UFO researchers.

Legacy of the Sky People is available at the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop for $17.95

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