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Steel Survival Arks in the USA


The CNN video is here. It discusses the recent rise in bunker sales and survival supplies. And included is the above 900 ton steel ark that can hold 185 people and food for five years. According to Brian Camden of Hardened Structures, when interviewed for Discovery Channel’s Apocalypse 2012 Revelation, the images were not meant to be seen by the public. And the approximate cost of these floating bunkers? $20 million each.


Tiny Noah’s Ark from Japan


It might not be divinely inspired, and it might not hold many pairs of animals, but this little beauty looks perfect for its intended market – Japanese folk in tsunami risk areas.

The manufacturer is Cosmo Power. The craft is 1.2 meters in diameter, is made of fortified fibreglass, it can hold four adults and it has reportedly survived crash tests. It comes with built-in breathing vents and windows. The capsules cost just $4000 and they have advance orders for 600 already.

Went there are no tsunamis on the horizon, company president Shoji Tanaka suggests children could play in it.