Christians Unhappy With Russell Crowe Movie

Here’s a great example of how polls can be skewed. Look at how loaded this question is:

“are you satisfied with a biblically themed movie designed to appeal to you which replaces the Bible’s core message with one created by Hollywood?”

98% of 5000 Christian consumers (where did they find them – from their own mailing list? Or perhaps their 68,000 Facebook followers?) said no to this question. I wonder what the response would have been to an alternative question, like:

“are you excited by the prospect of watching the glory of Noah’s epic story on the silver screen?”

But it gets worse – on the page where Faith Driven Consumer asks that loaded question, they also say:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Noah has been criticized for depicting Noah as a “crazy, irrational, religious nut…fixated on modern-day problems like overpopulation and environmental degradation.”

Expect the same protests that met the excellent The Last Temptation of Christ.