Noah Comic Funded at KickStarter

The story of Noah has been told many, many times – and not just in Biblical texts. It is a favorite of children everywhere, and so it perhaps not so surprising that it will now make an appearance in comic book form.

This story as I read it, while full of redemption, beauty and hope has also the grim reality of judgement on such a grand scale as never before or since seen. The story lifts my eyes to see a God who is awesome and terrifying, while full of love and compassion; I believe that to sidestep these aspects of the story is a disservice to all. [Kickstarter]

The author describes it as a “wordless picture book” – maybe to just keep the concept on the respectable side.

Based on the first page, it will be a handsome book – and will be available to purchase in due course.

Noah’s Ark Comic

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