Was Noah’s Ark Really A Ship?

Perhaps the earliest version of the Noah’s Ark story/myth/history doesn’t describe a ship at all – but rather an underground shelter, as protection from a heavy winter?

(Ancient Zoroastrianism text) Avesta:

And Yima did as Ahura Mazda wished; he crushed the earth with a stamp of his heel, he kneaded it with his hands, as the potter does when kneading the potter’s clay.

And Yima made a Vara [enclosure], long as a riding-ground on every side of the square. There he brought the seeds of sheep and oxen, of men, of dogs, of birds, and of red blazing fires. He made a Vara, long as a riding-ground on every side of the square, to be an abode for men; a Vara, long as a riding-ground on every side of the square, for oxen and sheep.

…All those seeds he brought, two of every kind, to be kept inexhaustible there, so long as those men shall stay in the Vara.

…It is generally accepted that the vara (meaning enclosure) as told in Avesta was underground. The two keys are “those that live in the bosom of the dale shall take shelter in underground abodes“, and “ a window self-shining within“, meaning it had lighting.

Titanic Oceanographer: Biblical Flood Was Real

From the Daily Mail (follow the link for a video as well):

Acclaimed underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard (who found the Titanic wreck) claims his team of researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests The Great Flood described in the Bible was actually based on real events.

Mr Ballard told how he investigated a controversial theory proposed by two scientists from Columbia University that there was a massive flood in the Black Sea region.

Noah's Ark, Italianate mural painting, mid 16th century studiolo

…His research follows a 1997 study by William Ryan and Walter Pitman who, drawing on archaeological and anthropological evidence, claimed that ‘ten cubic miles of water poured through each day’, and that the deluge continued for at least 300 days.
…According to their study, the force of the water was two hundred times that of Niagara Falls, sweeping away everything in its path. It also transformed the Black Sea from an isolated freshwater lake surrounded by farmland into a saltwater inlet.The researchers, whose findings have been backed up by carbon dating and sonar imaging, claimed that the story of Noah’s flood had its origin in this cataclysmic event.

The news is that Ballard has found supporting evidence:

The team found an ancient shoreline which Mr Ballard believes is proof such an event did take place.

He believes that, by using carbon dating shells found along the shoreline four hundred feet below the surface, it took place around 5,000 BC.

Ballard does not believe that he will ever find Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Was A Martian Spaceship?


Science has come along way. In the early 60s Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s wrote The Sky People, a book that suggested (among other things) that Noah’s Ark was a spaceship – “that instead of Noah being an ancient Israelite, he was a great leader on Mars and the Ark was a giant spaceship intended to carry a surviving remnant to Earth”. And he tied it in with information well-known to Ark researchers who do not have a religious agenda:

Everyone is familiar with the story, taken from the Book of Genesis. But are you aware that the story – a great, world-destroying flood from which God spared only a handful of righteous mortals and two of every kind of beast – is also an integral part of other religious traditions, such as the Sumerian, the Babylonian, and the ancient Hindus?

These days we know that Mars is a barren place, and if any aliens lived there it was a very long time ago. Still, if you find the idea intriguing, Trench’s book has been re-released, with a lot of additional material from modern UFO researchers.

Legacy of the Sky People is available at the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop for $17.95

Noah’s Ark Movie – Like Mad Max


Paramount Pictures originally said that Darren Aronofsky’s movie would be a “close adaptation of the biblical story of Noah’s ark”. And with Russell Crowe in the lead you could kinda see that  – a good old wholesome Biblical epic.

But of course Russell Crowe is from Australia, just like Mad Max Mel Gibson. And Darren Aronofsky doesn’t make ordinary films!

According to HitFix,  the story will be about what happened before the flood, with perhaps the ending being the ark setting sail. They’ve also described the it as a “violent, freaky, scary world” unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Having a major role in the script are the Watchers, eleven-foot-tall fallen angels with six arms and no wings. Otherwise know as the Nephilim, the Watchers (and giants) are genuine Biblical characters, although presumably Aronofsky will use artistic license to flesh them out a bit.

Does this sound more exciting than pairs of animals?

He lives with his wife and three children in a land barren and hostile, in the grip of severe drought. A world marked by violence and barbarism, delivered to the savagery of the clans that draw their reason to survive from war and cruelty.

Anti-Noah’s Ark Rant Video

The Biblical Noah’s Ark story is quite easy to debunk using either logic or science. To start with, there are two versions in the Bible that make contradictory statements, such as how long it rained for.

This is the best debunking video I have come across, for any non-believers who want some fresh ways of discussing it.

Steel Survival Arks in the USA


The CNN video is here. It discusses the recent rise in bunker sales and survival supplies. And included is the above 900 ton steel ark that can hold 185 people and food for five years. According to Brian Camden of Hardened Structures, when interviewed for Discovery Channel’s Apocalypse 2012 Revelation, the images were not meant to be seen by the public. And the approximate cost of these floating bunkers? $20 million each.


Tiny Noah’s Ark from Japan


It might not be divinely inspired, and it might not hold many pairs of animals, but this little beauty looks perfect for its intended market – Japanese folk in tsunami risk areas.

The manufacturer is Cosmo Power. The craft is 1.2 meters in diameter, is made of fortified fibreglass, it can hold four adults and it has reportedly survived crash tests. It comes with built-in breathing vents and windows. The capsules cost just $4000 and they have advance orders for 600 already.

Went there are no tsunamis on the horizon, company president Shoji Tanaka suggests children could play in it.

Ark Replica For Kentucky

The Ark Encounter is a historically themed attraction currently in the planning stages. It will present numerous historical events with the centerpiece being a full-size, all-wood Noah’s Ark, which might end up being the largest timber-frame structure in the North America.


Aside from the Ark, the attraction is planning a Walled City, a Tower of Babel, a Biblical-era Middle Eastern village, Abraham and the parting of the Red Sea, aviary and zoo.

As of January 2012 $5 million had been raised of the estimated $24.5 million that will be required to build the Ark itself. The entire complex has a $125 million budget. Construction is hoped to begin this year, with the Ark completed in 2014.

Sponsors can provide a peg ($10 donation), plank ($100) or beam ($500), each of which comes with a certificate.

The Ark Encounter will be located on I-75 in Williamstown, KY, about a 40-mile interstate drive south of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.