Ark Replica For Kentucky

The Ark Encounter is a historically themed attraction currently in the planning stages. It will present numerous historical events with the centerpiece being a full-size, all-wood Noah’s Ark, which might end up being the largest timber-frame structure in the North America.


Aside from the Ark, the attraction is planning a Walled City, a Tower of Babel, a Biblical-era Middle Eastern village, Abraham and the parting of the Red Sea, aviary and zoo.

As of January 2012 $5 million had been raised of the estimated $24.5 million that will be required to build the Ark itself. The entire complex has a $125 million budget. Construction is hoped to begin this year, with the Ark completed in 2014.

Sponsors can provide a peg ($10 donation), plank ($100) or beam ($500), each of which comes with a certificate.

The Ark Encounter will be located on I-75 in Williamstown, KY, about a 40-mile interstate drive south of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

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